Heather is an amazing individual and healing practitioner with an incredibly peaceful and grounded presence. With a gift of truly listening, seeing solutions, and fully embracing her clients healing transformation, Heather created a safe and supportive space for my personal process to unfold. After my session with Heather, I felt renewed, nurtured and reconnected to my physical and ethereal body. Heather has so much knowledge as a Health Coach and Barbara Brennan Healing Science Practitioner and she combines these trainings with her intuitive nature and unique spirit.

-Phoebe LMT, HC

I worked with Heather during a very stressful time in my work life.  Heather helped set goals and find ways to reduce stress.  It really helped.  One method of stress reduction for me came through better eating habits.  Heather taught me about good food substitutes that I can live with, forever.  I have successfully given up candy, a goal I was unable to achieve for years.  Heather is a positive, upbeat, realistic person willing to work with 'real' people with 'real' challenges. Working with Heather was a joy and I highly recommend it for anyone who needs life balance. Not to mention, I just saw a number on my scale that I have not seen in awhile, a good number! 

-Laureen, Software Developer

Heather Benek has helped me over the past two years in many ways. I had been obtaining face-to-face treatments and long distance treatment from her. My spiritual and emotional healing has been helped and supported by her care. Heather is compassionate, knowledgeable, understanding and remarkable in her gifts and talents in healing.  I have been a Registered Nurse for over thirty years and am aware of healing on all levels in my experience. Heather uses the Barbara Brennan philosophy to facilitate personal client healing.  I am grateful for Heather in my spiritual journey.         

-Barb RN, MSN

As a certified life coach and psychotherapist, I believe there comes a time in our healing journey where words can no longer serve us. Our body and our energy are our truth tellers. The cellular memory must be acknowledged by a person who can fully honor this very sacred space for true healing to happen. Heather has this unique talent of supporting others while they navigate the underwaters of the nonverbal. I have been a client of many healers throughout my life and Heather is clearly gifted, authentic and skillful. She not only helped me deepen my own non-verbal journey, but also helped several of my clients as well. Whether you are struggling with physical or emotional discomfort, Heather has the ability to bring your whole body back in to its rightful place; happy, vital and healthy.                

-Allison M.S.S.A., L.SW, C.P.C.C.