institute for integrative Nutrition

At the Institute for Integrative Nutrition students learn over 100 different dietary theories. Instructors consisted of health and wellness visionaries such as Deepak Chopra, Sally Fallen, David Wolf, David Katz, Andrew Weil, an Arthur Agatsto just to name a few. Integrative Nutrition teaches that no one diet works for everyone because of bio­individuality. In addition, it is not simply the food we put in our bodies that contribute to our health, but also how we spend our time and the way we live. Relationships, career, spirituality, and exercise all play a fundamental role in our health. Graduated as a Certified Health Coach, Licensed Drugless Practitioner by the American Association for Drugless Practitioners, July 2010



Barbara Brennan School of Healing

The Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH) involves a rigorous four­ year program with over 2,000 hours of extensive study and practice. Students develop not only sound technical healing skills and well ­developed High Sense Perception, but also a strong sense of personal responsibility, integrity, joy in creative expression, and delight in discovering and bringing forth their unique work into the world. The Human Energy Consciousness System dynamics and its relationship to the entire world are taught and studied. Students are instructed in client care and how they can best help clients heal both physically and emotionally through clearing, charging and restructuring of the Human Energy Field. BBSH is one of the most highly regarded schools in the field of energy healing and holistic healthcare today. In addition, students complete the four year Anatomy & Physiology certification also offered through BBSH. Graduated as Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, June 2014