Hello! I'm heather,

I spend a considerable amount of time throughout my days thinking of the book I'm currently reading, what I want to read next (the list is long), what foods I want to make, inspiring quotes and silly jokes to bring laughter into my day and those around me. I think about writing, dancing, movement and love. Why? Because I love feeling good in my body, spirit and mind. This is what has brought me to this work, I love feeling great and trying new things to help me feel even better so much that I can't help but share what I know with those around me.

Here's a little fact about me, I don't drink caffeine very often so when I do it nearly immediately goes to my head and heart! I start moving and talking faster, I become easily excitable and deeply enthusiastic about pretty much anything. That's what my work with health and healing does for me as well, it's a natural high created of love and passion. I feel happy when my clients reach their goals, when they have small or large successes and also when they come to me with their challenges in life. Because I know that they trust me and with that trust and connection we can find what they need, in that particular moment, to receive the healing and support they need to grow into the person they truly are, unlimited by the self detrimental thoughts and actions that so many of us, including myself, are guilty of. Together we find ways to let the negative things go and bring in more of the good.


Life is about Love. Period.
— Heather Benek